There’s no other way to live. 
Music is my only choice to stay hopeful in a beautiful but fragile world. It has become my shelter ever since I left home at eleven. For a long time, I had no friend but the black and white keys on the piano. I rely on my feelings to guide me through stories, personal or not. You might not speak my language, play my instrument, know my history, but you will understand my song — because we all laughed, cried, loved, regretted, achieved, lost, resisted, wondered…

在一个美丽又易碎的世界里,音乐给予我生活的希望和勇气。自从十一岁离家,音乐便将我寄其篱下。我与琴键成了无话不谈的密友。怀揣着天生多愁善感的心,用音符将经历与见闻交织串连。我们也许语言不通,琴艺不同,履历不重,但我的音乐你会懂 —— 只因我们都哭过笑过,爱过悔过,赢过输过,坚守过,流浪过……
— Nono童言   
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